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Rodent Repellent System
What is Ultrasound ?


  • Human audible range up to 10Khz.
  • Ultrasound is above 20Khz.
  • Rats communicate in ultrasound range.
  • Humans do not get affected by Ultrasounds



  • Used in data centers, server rooms, hub rooms, ups, etc. where presence of rats damage the cables.
  • Rodent repellent system can also be used warehouses, storage units etc, where the presence of rats can damage the food and other things.



  • Up to 12 Transducers can be connected to main console.
  • ERTL Tested. Individual wiring for transducers.
  • Self testing facility of transducers.
  • Compact and elegant looks.
  • User Friendly controls.
  • The satellites do not need a power connection and they can be tested on an audible range with the help of a self-testing facility.


  • Main Console:- The Main Console can connect up to 12   Transducer(Satellites)
  • Area covered by each transducer(Approximately) a) Room Void  :  300Sq.ft. b) Ceiling Void  :         150 Sq. ft.

    c) Below false floor  :         150 Sq. ft.

  • Operating Freq.  :          Above 20 KHZ (Variable).

  • Sound output  :         50db to 100db at 1metre.

  • Power output  :         850mW per transducer.

  • Power Consump.  :          5.5Watts per transducer

  •  Power Supply  :          230V AC/ 50Hz (15Amp Socket)

  • Dimensions   :          200(W) x 90(H) x 415(D)mm

  • Weight  :          4.0 Kgs Approx.

  • Mounting  :           Wall/Table Mounting


  • In order to check if the transducers are working we have a provision of test mode.
  • The satellites connected to the panel start creating a human audible sound.
  • Thus we can say that the satellites are in working condition and are emitting ultrasound.