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1, 2 and 4 loop, networkable, analogue addressable, fire alarm control panel


Product OverviewThe Morley-IAS DX Connexion panel is ideally suited for use in the protection of small to medium sized systems. All in all, a compact, high performance, feature rich, economical fire alarm control panel designed to help for both the installer and the end user.The DX Connexion brings the traditional Morley-IASqualities of reliability, flexibility and value with advanced features and intuitive functionality.The DX Connexion range of fire alarm control panels has been developed to be the most time efficient fire panel on the market to install. Simply fix the control panel to the wall, connect the field wiring, power up and follow the on-screen prompts to get a working fire alarm system.





valves (also called Landing valves) provide the means to draw water for fire fighting from the Fire water piping network. They are normally mounted onto stand posts, fitted on the fire water network.Brief Description : Hydrant Valve (Double headed), as per IS: 5290, made of Stainless Steel (SS316), having 100 mm flanged inlet, and 2 Nos. 63 mm Female Instantenous outlets, C.I. hand wheels for hydrant operation, and PVC blank caps with chain. Body duly painted with 2 coats of superior quality paint. H.P. tested to 21 kgf/cm2 (body) and 14 kgf/cm2 (seat). Flow 1800 lpm (min) at 7 kgf/cm2.


Morley-IAS Smoke Detectors

S200A incorporates major hardware and software technology driven developments. An advanced optical chamber design is proven in extensive testing to be more efficient, less liable to false alarm due to dust and insects and less susceptible to fault in high air velocities or back pressure.

Extensive hydrodynamic modelling has confirmed the greater efficiency of the new chamber and housing shape combination. Large-scale integration of the all-new electronics, through the fully automated surface mount PCB assembly, coupled with in-line testing through the manufacturing process, laser PCB cutting along with a completely new compound of plastic offers improved quality and reliability.

All S200EA detectors are environmentally friendly and meet the WEEE and RoHS legislative requirements, minimising end of life disposal costs, and are mechanically and electrically backwards compatible with existing devices.


The family consists of 4 detection devices: two heat detectors (58° and a rate of rise), an optical smoke, and a photo-thermal multi-sensor. All devices come with or without electrical short circuit isolation. The family of devices utilise the universal B501AP base making the installation process simple and fast.  


Morley-IAS Addressable Manual Break Glass Call Point

The call point is an addressable break glass manual call point which has a simple rotary decade switch at the rear of the unit for addressing.

A specialist test key may be inserted into the bottom of the unit to lower the glass and release the micro-switch and thus a full functional test is achieved.

The HM-MCP-GLASS Call Point is designed to provide a manual alarm interface to Morley IAS’s fire alarm control panel.

Installation efficiency, compliance with the latest standards are at the heart of the call point range

LED Status

The LED status is controlled by fire panel and shows blinking RED each time the device is polled, or continuous RED to indicate fire.


Flexible, Faster Fault-Finding & Easier Installation

Morley-IAS’s new modular range of Intelligent AV warning devices provides easier system confi guration and fl exibility. A common base across AV and detectors is available, allowing for easier installation and ordering

These devices are all available with isolators, providing you with a fl exible approach and allowing for easier fault-fi nding on the loop. please see page 4 for more details.

Individual tone and volume settings and sounder tone synchronisation can be adjusted from the panel enabling the sound intensity to be adjusted to suit the application.

The common installation base , B501AP is supplied The Morley-IAS devices can then be fi tted at the fi nal commissioning stage, reducing the risk of damage during the fi rst fi x. At fi nal commissioning the device is simply twisted into the base and the

installation is complete. with a shorting spring. This allows for the continuity of wiring to be tested before installing any devices


MI-DCMO Addressable Control Output Module

The Morley-IAS MI-DCMO control output module is used with the ZX series of intelligent conrol panels to provide either a single alarm circuit or Form C relay.

The MI-DCMO can be used to operte dry contacts for door holders, air handling unit shut down or other similar functions. Optionally the module can be used to supervise wiring to the ouput load providing monitoring of the external load voltage or power supply. If the monitored voltage falls below threshold then a fault condition will be indicated.

Each MI-DCMO uses one of the ninety-nine possible module addresses available on a loop. It responds to regular polling from the conrtol panel indicated by a pulsing LED every successful communication. On command from the control panel the MI-DCMO will disconnect the supervision and connnect the external power supply across the load. The disconnection of the supervision provides a positive indication to the control panel that the relay is activated. The MI-DCMO has a built-in isolator which may be switched out if required.


MI-DMMI MI-DMM2I Addressable Monitor Modules

The MI-DMMI and MI-DMM2I monitor modules are used with the Morley-IAS intelligent fire alarm control panels to provide a single or dual input circuit from external devices.

Each input is continuously monitored for normal, open circuit and alarm conditions. Changes to the status of the input circuits are communicated to the panel where the appropriate actions may be undertaken.

The MI-DMMI requires a single address and the MIDMM2I two addresses of the ninety-nine possible module addresses available on a loop. It responds to regular polling from the control panel indicated by a pulsing LED every successful communication.